Mondays, 5:30-7pm

What if you could navigate this holiday season’s onslaught of excessive food, drink and desserts
with skill and control and without guilt and self-loathing? Instead of dieting, change your relationship to food.
Mindful eating helps you figure out the why, what and how of your own destructive eating patterns so you can change them.  Mindful eating emphasizes self-compassion while you’re learning about your own patterns of eating.  We know that beating yourself up when you mess up is counterproductive. Mindful Eating is to be undertaken with the understanding that it takes time and effort to undo all the years of habitual and reactive behavior regarding food and make positive changes.
Mindful eating is not a diet program.  You may in fact lose weight as your habits are changed, but you won't be
restricted to a daily calorie allowance, specific food groupings, or weigh in.  Imagine that!
Eat Right Now is a Mindful Eating program, supported by a robust mobile app that helps keep you on track,
that was developed by addiction psychiatrist, Dr. Judson Brewer. This training will teach you the scientific basis
of how we form eating habits, and how we can use this knowledge to change them. You will also learn
concrete mindfulness skills to help you become more aware of and gain control over your eating.
Dr. Brewer developed Eat Right Now, an app that will deliver mindfulness training right at your fingertips. Learn
the mindfulness skills you need in your own home, at your own pace. The digital therapeutic delivers 30+ short
video modules that build your skills one moment at a time. Take 10 minutes each day to learn a new lesson,
and put it into practice throughout the day in manageable, bite-sized pieces.
Studies have shown that group-based support helps change habits. Led by Cheryl Mills, a Qualified
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Qualified ERN Mindful Eating Teacher, the Mindful Eating
group meets weekly in downtown Bend, starting October 9th. Each session provides hands on mindfulness
practices, as well as expert and peer support as you go through the process of changing your relationship to

Class registration required. For more information and to register go to: www.Haelan-
About Haelan House: Haelan House teaches people how to reduce stress and live healthier, happier, more
fulfilling lives through mindfulness. Cheryl received her training through the Center for Mindfulness in
Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Division of Preventive
and Behavioral Medicine, Department of Medicine.