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For massage therapy Bend Oregon offers a wide range of massage therapists and specialists in many techniques, for those looking for everything from pain management to relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage in Central Oregon

We offer therapeutic Swedish massage, as well as deep tissue, hot stone, and maternity treatments-combining the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, intuitive hands, and clear communication to create intentional awareness and compassion for the physical, mental and spiritual beings we are.

Bend Thai Massage

We also offer Thai yoga massage. This is a relaxing, rejuvenating, and restorative bodywork that will power your immune system, restore physical ease, and increase mobility. Therapeutic for pain and dis-ease, more broadly TYM is a step toward vitality, well-being, and radiant health.

Developed 2,500 years ago, this therapeutic full-body treatment combines supported yoga stretching with acupressure, spinal twists, gentle rocking, and rhythmic compression massage. While there are many varied techniques, most involve palming or thumbing therapeutic points on the body while applying gentle stretches. The massage is performed fully-clothed, without oils, on a comfortable floor mat. Barrie integrates knowledge of physiology and experience with techniques of  Feldenkrais, Trager, Shiatsu and Hatha Yoga. Some describe it as feeling like you’ve “had a yoga class done to you”.

TYM is adaptable for all fitness and flexibility levels and to all body types and ages, from pediatric to geriatric. It is not suitable for clients with: fever, cold, or flu; recent surgery, cardiovascular condition or pregnancy.

Please wear loose/stretchy pants and a top that will keep you warm bearing in mind that you will be inactive for a long time. Don’t worry, we can loan you traditional Thai yoga pants, if needed.

Central Oregon Rolfing

We also offer Rolfing in Bend. Through external factors our natural alignment can be lost,  and cause internal stress that can result in real discomfort. Prevent or correct the misalignment, and you may eliminate or limit the stress. This is at the heart of Rolfing.

massage therapy bend oregonLinking all internal structures within the human frame is the fascial web. This plastic connective tisse unites the structure of the inner form and divides its individual functioning units. Fascia is constantly changing and adapting in response to demands placed on an individual’s body. It reacts to particular physical damage – to a joint for example – by producing extra material to enhance stability and support. However, it can produce  more than is necessary. In time, rather than stabilizing movement it can actually reduce mobility, leading to a changed postural position and altered patterns of movement.

Through the Rolfing touch, the elasticity and sliding capacity of the tissue can be restored and the body realigned in such a way that it is can function with more ease. By introducing the influence of gravity on well being Dr. Rolf broke new ground. Scientific research supports her wisdom.  After completing ten sessions with a Certified Rolfer™ a client can expect to experience a greater sense of allover freedom. Better posture and improved movement can be expected.

We also offer decadent Chocolate Massages!

The Hawthorn Healing Arts Center offers massage therapy Bend Oregon and many other healing services. For more information, contact us or call for more information and pricing.