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Naturopathic medicine - Naturopath Oregon Clinic - Naturopathy Healing Center - Naturopathic PediatricsNaturopathic medicine is a distinct holistic medical profession, emphasizing the importance of identifying and addressing underlying causes to illness and working with the bodies self-healing capacity in treatment. Naturopathic doctors are licensed as primary care physicians in Oregon, and have broad scope of practice, allowing a comprehensive and integrative approach to healthcare.

The 6 guiding philosophical principles of Naturopathic medicine are:

1.The Healing Power of Nature:

As Hippocrates stated long ago, the human body has the innate ability to heal itself from disease and return to a state of health. It is the natural state of any organism to be healthy. The role of the Naturopathic Physician is to support the body’s ability to heal while addressing and removing obstacles to the healing process.

2. Identify and Treat the Cause:

Symptoms are rarely if ever the root problem and are not the sole focus of naturopathic treatment. Symptoms are the body’s natural expression in an attempt to deal with underlying imbalances. As such, symptoms are used to guide the physician to a truer understanding of what is going on. When these underlying causes are addressed long-term healing can occur.

3. Treat the Whole Person:

As mentioned above, symptoms are the result of underlying causes that may stem from a variety of sources. Factors that contribute to any illness may include organ systems that are not functioning optimally, emotional and spiritual stresses, hereditary influences, as well as lifestyle, dietary and environmental factors. In order to affect deep and permanent resolution of any health concern, all of these areas must be addressed.

4. First do no Harm:

It is of primary and utmost importance to offer therapies that will not cause further harm. Following this tenet, medicines are not used that cause harmful side effects. Furthermore treatment is not given to suppress symptoms, a practice that can discourage healing and cause deeper disease.

5. Preventative Medicine:

It has been said that we are doctors of health, not doctors of disease. This means that the focus of our treatment is on bolstering the physiology and vitality that is inherent to each of us. By addressing lifestyle and dietary issues, as well as emotional and spiritual concerns, we not only address present illness, but prevent the development of future disease.

6. Doctor as Teacher:

The word “doctor” is derived from the Latin docere which means “to teach”. An important part of every treatment plan is providing the patient with education and tools for maintaining a diet and lifestyle that nurtures health rather that disease.

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“Unlike conventional offices of health care services, Hawthorne Healing Arts Center and staff are warm and welcoming from the start … you feel the love.  As a patient of Dr. Joshua Phillips I believe I’m in good hands … his competent and caring manner are reassuring.  I’m confident his healing knowledge and good judgment will lead me down the path of optimum health naturally and without pharmaceutics.”