Karl Jackson, LMT

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Karl D. Jackson

Certified Advanced Rolfer™
LMT  #6399 

Karl Jackson - Rolfer

  • Karl has 20+ years practicing as a massage therapy Rolfer™
  • Karl uses the big box techniques from the Rolfing™ tradition and many manual techniques that he has learned from his osteopathic teachers.
  • Rolfing™ is a great option for athletic injuries, automobile accident clients, and anyone with ongoing or chronic issues.
  • Karl has successfully resolved many musculo-skeletal dysfunctions that have persisted for years.
  • For more information on massage therapy Rolfing™, click this link.

Karl, an independent contractor at HHAC, is an active bicyclist, hiker and canoeist. He owns  a small ranch where he raises exclusively grass fed animals. Karl has practiced a healthy, natural diet all his adult life and has an intense curiosity in functional medicine and how the human body can operate at its highest level of functioning.