Kathy Nagel, MA, CHT Counseling / Spiritual Direction, Medical Intuition

Kathy NagelAfter spending nearly 30 years in Sisters raising her children and building a practice, Kathy relocated to Bend this past July. Originally from Salem, OR, her background includes a BS in Sports Medicine/pre-med/psychology; nursing school; hypnotherapy certification and graduate studies in Applied theology, psychology and Spiritual Direction. While living in Sisters, she and her then-husband owned and operated Apple Jack’s Produce and Natural Foods for 14 years. During that time, she also established her practice in counseling and hypnotherapy, incorporating her skills as a coach to create a wellness-based coaching/counseling practice.

Kathy’s one-on-one Wellness Coaching practice includes intuitive counseling, medical intuition, hypnotherapy, journey work, dream therapy, somatic (body-based) therapy, and traditional counseling. In addition to her private sessions, she teaches classes in meditation and guided imagery, stress reduction and relaxation, intuitive development (all phases), dreaming, nutrition, weight loss, and smoking cessation.

Kathy creates an open, loving, accepting space for anything the client needs to talk about. One special interest for her is near-death experiences; she’s had two of her own – one at age three, and the other at age 39.  “it’s given me a unique perspective on life; nothing anyone says to me will surprise me.”