about us image Uma Kleppinger has been engaged in the healing art of yoga for nearly 15 years. Blending a lifelong interest in psychology and Eastern wisdom studies, she has created Bend Yoga Therapy to help others navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of life. 

Renowned for her analytical perception in understanding and analyzing postural imbalances, Uma is skilled in helping clients resolve musculoskeletal imbalances and reduce or eliminate pain. Uma brings a no-nonsense compassionate approach that doesn’t shy away from the difficult work of creating change, from the cellular level to the psychic. She has studied most major forms of yoga in depth, with an emphasis in formal trainings in Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga and Yin forms. An expert in classical yoga philosophy, Uma’s gift lies in making the complex theories and philosophy of yoga simple and accessible in a modern context. She is versed in the language of yoga, but excels at translating it into a language that anyone can understand.

Areas of special interest are working with injury, illness, grief and recovery. Uma’s focus is on helping clients realize they are already whole and complete beings, and that often a change of perspective is the obstacle that is needed to bring about resolution of life’s “problems”. As such, she places emphasis on mindfulness techniques to create change in our habits of relationship, speech, thought, and action. Looking and listening deeply to what’s going on within, the yogi is able to create change on every level.

Whether helping competitive athletes find their peak performance with yoga, or helping those who are recovering from trauma or illness, Uma brings extensive life and professional experience to her clients. Read what others have to say about her work, here.
Real yoga is not a separate activity from the rest of one’s life. Yoga is a way of skillful living, in the ordinary moments of life. Simply put, Therapeutic Yoga helps to release human beings from their stuckness—whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.