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Fridays, 1:30-2:30pm, Beginning September 30th

8-week series, ending November 18th

$125 for the entire course or $70/ month.  NO drop in rates this term.

More about Jade Woman Qi Gong from Kellie Chambers, LAc, Instructor:

Jade Woman Qigong is one of the foundational forms of the Ling Gui Qigong lineage.

This form is considered a Woman’s treasure because of its action on the Liver and Reproductive Systems.  Over the last 10 years, I have seen so many women move from a difficult menopause transition to an easy one, as a result of doing this form.  I have also encountered many women who have had difficulty with menses, and could not become pregnant, dealing with infertility issues; however, so many of them have become pregnant after practicing Jade Woman Qigong, consistently, for less than a year.  This simple form of Qigong has truly changed the lives of women who practice it regularly, and want to change the nature of how they experience the cycles of their “Moon Time.”  If you want to regulate you cycle in preparation for pregnancy, or for menopause, or if you just want to experience an easier time through your period, Jade Woman is like a miracle.  I hope you will join us this fall for the lovely and very feminine practice of Jade Woman Qigong!

A woman’s physiology and emotions differ in many ways from a man’s. Women have more blood and, as the stewards of deep yin creative energy, are profoundly affected by the cycles of the moon. A woman’s health and vitality are sensitive and can be compromised by any number of stresses. Jade Woman Qigong is a type of qigong that helps to increase the blood, nourish the liver, and heal both physical diseases and emotional imbalances. It is a beautiful, feminine form that is very effective in reducing weight, soothing the liver, and treating problems related to gynecology and menopause.

In the fall we will also add in a small practice for boosting the immune system, in preparation for the winter.  As always in each class, we will include some small meditations, some chinese medicine theory, and qigong self-massage.

With Qi Bows!

Kellie Chambers 2