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What is a sound healing session with me like?

I use elements of intention and ceremony to invite a healing space and I utilize sound healing instruments in a both methodical and intuitive fashion to address the heart of your need, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual or all of the above. A sound healing session is also a great way to open to higher perspective and invite visions, insight, and growth.
The instruments I use are the buffalo drum, crystal bowl, Tibetan bowl and bell, shakers, tongue drum and tuning forks. I also interweave the use of my voice. Soon, I will begin incorporating subtle electronic elements, as desired, including an amplifier that vibrates the massage table at a low and soothing drone and a keyboard to add textures and express medicine melodies that can transmit both aurally and viscerally. Adding your own voice is always welcome, but not required.
I cater our session to your preferences and needs, but I always honor that it is the sound that does the healing, not me.
Why sound healing?
Sound healing is as old as time, but has just recently been gaining credibility as a legitimate and effective healing modality. Both scientific studies as well as numerous testimonials show that sound can be applied in intentional ways to address a number of ailments. It can also serve as a strong reinforcement of positive visualization. Another unique benefit of a sound healing is that it addresses you on a number of levels all at once: on the level of vibration (physical), auditory stimulation (directly linked to brain patterns), emotion, soul and spirit.
Sound as massage…
Sound is vibration that we can hear and we hear, believe it or not, with our skin and bones as well as our ears! So sounds can be penetrating, offering healing and relief to the body.
Sound as healing and entraining for the brain…
Most of us have been programmed in one way or another and the pathways set strongly in our brain. Sound is so powerful it can actually induce brainwave states, it can spark healing interaction between the left and right brains, and it can stimulate new and expansive patterns that break our minds out of old habits. As a form of meditation, sound can induce deep states of relaxation.
Sound as emotional catalyst…
I don’t know too many people who are not moved by music. One of the beauties of sound is that it touches our emotional center, the heart, in such a direct way that it can often free up emotion without much thought going into it. It may be that the sound knocks right through some painful block or it awakens a feeling that you haven’t felt in a long time. Regardless of the case, it can bring great relief to emotions that have not found expression and are inhibiting your ability to be healthy, happy, and thriving.
Sound as spiritual presence…
Sound can often times embody the presence of something bigger than ourselves. In my experience, most healing is done from a place of surrender and trust that some force beyond us can heal us. And you don’t have to believe in God or any particular religion or spirituality to receive such an experience. You can name it whatever you want! What matters is that sound can represent that thing to our being, inviting us to surrender and trust when we may otherwise feel hopeless or try to will ourselves through a challenge. 
Benefits of a sound healing session include:
• Safe and non-invasive, no medicine or manipulation of the body in a way that could be risky or painful
• Uses principles of vibration to stimulate healing responses such as release of the molecule nitric oxide in cells, a relaxation response which enhances vascular flow
• Altered state inducing – “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Einstein
• Moves emotions quickly and effectively
• Relieves physical pain
• Energetically clearing
Why sound healing with me?

Well, what sets me apart from other practitioners is that I am a musician first, so I bring a unique sensitivity to the characteristics of music and sound: tone, texture, melody, harmony, and rhythm as well as well-practiced technique and use of voice to create a nuanced offering catered just to you. A sound healing session with me can be fun! With my intuitive and improvisational approach, these numerous sounds in different combinations are like having your own private concert.

In my sessions, I combine my musicianship with a deep empathy for humanity and training in various frameworks of healing. These include energy medicine, grief work, light work, empathetic listening, and Earth-based ceremony. I also bring a tender, playful, and faith-filled spirit to our sessions so as to bring lots of light and hope to any situation. I can meet you wherever you are at with the right framework to make the session meaningful and effective for you. Then, we just let the sound do its thing.

I hope you will consider working with me. It would be an honor to be a part of your healing path!   Please call me directly at 310-467-0867 to discuss further or set up an appointment.