IMG_0438Zara Seligson is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Herbalist and Certified Yoga teacher who specializes in therapeutic health and food programs, natural women’s health and education, and the simple, approachable, real life application of these principles and lifestyle. Zara has studied and is influenced by various nutritional schools of thought such as plant based, whole food, and Ayurveda. She is also a student and practitioner of Transformational Energy Healing and uses this approach to work with the mental and emotional aspects of health-care and self-care as well.  

She received her Holistic Nutritionist certification through the American Fitness Professionals Associates and completed her Herbal Medicine training at The Vitalist School in Ashland, OR.  Zara completed her 200-hour yoga teachers training and study of Ayurveda at the Mount Madonna Center.  

Learning the ways of self development, conscious, enjoyable natural living, daily use of herbal medicine, and whole foods cooking and eating has taught her that through food, herbs, and lifestyle we can transform our lives and our bodies into an environment where healing can occur.  We can nourish our selves and our loved ones and be connected to nature anytime we wish. This view, paired with her varied and extensive training is the foundation of her private consulting work.

Along with Nutrition Counseling, Zara specializes in adrenal and thyroid regulation and health, the natural care of female reproductive imbalances such as PMS, painful or irregular periods, birth control education and general monthly cycle education. She is passionate about females of all ages being educated about themselves and their bodies. She uses nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle and education as a way to create personalized health and self-care programs to address a wide variety of physiological and emotional issues that women face.  

She loves spending time in nature and is a cold-water enthusiast. She loves to cook, read, write, hike in the mountains, be on a routine, spend time with family and friends, meditate, practice yoga, and cuddle with her dog Bodie.