Shamanic Acupuncture Now Available

David Watts, LAc is now offering Shamanic Acupuncture at Hawthorn Healing Arts by appointment (call 541-330-0334). Sessions are 90 minutes. Also ask about Massage and Acupuncture with David which includes 55 minute massage followed by 30 minutes of acupuncture .

Taking the bite out of seasonal allergy symptoms

Seasonal allergy symptoms are on the rise as trees and grasses begin to pollinate, releasing allergens into the air. As our human immune systems respond to this onslaught of pollens, the production of antibodies spikes to attack the allergens resulting in immune cells, called [...]

The Returning – a course of acupuncture and journeying

Tuesday evenings beginning on 1/17/23 until 2/21/23 from 6-7:30. Each week you will receive an acupuncture session to initiate your mythic journey into of these prenatal meridians. We will explore our internal architecture and psychological aspects of these archetypal channels. These meridians are very supportive for those working with psychedelic medicines or working on a deep inner process.

Join us for Acoustic Acupuncture: October 17th

Back by popular demand, Hawthorn Healing Arts acupuncturist David Watts LAc and sound and vibrational healing artist Kevin Kraft team up to offer this event. Community Acupuncture and Healing Sound Bath Monday, Oct. 17th -- 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. [...]

Holistic Help for Painful Joints

For patients who complain of constant or recurring low back, neck, shoulder, knee and other joint pain, alternative remedies including massage and acupuncture - used in combination with supplements, diet changes, exercises and salt baths – can offer significant and lasting relief.

Alternative Medicine’s Approach to GERD

Naturopathic medicine’s approach to GERD will help reduce symptoms and work to discover new ways to strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter. We focus on healing and rebuilding irritated mucosal membrane tissue with lifestyle changes, natural medicines and alternative therapies.

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