Testosterone is not just for men

By Rob Neilson, ND, LAc Testosterone, man’s sacred hormone, what gives us pep in our step, a roar to our yell, and well, motivation in the bedroom.  Testosterone is not just for men, women also absolutely need testosterone for bones, muscles, energy, and so [...]

Four Simple Steps to Staying Healthy

Naturopathic Advise on Staying Healthy How doing frour simple things can help keep you healthy.  Eat Clean. Exercise. Increase hydration. Sleep. 1. Eat Clean.  This means quit sugar. Yes NO sugar. Read all the labels (added sugars include brown sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, [...]

Aligning With the Seasonal Shifts

Self-Care for the Winter Season As we approach the Winter Solstice and feel the days getting shorter, how can we take care of ourselves in a way that aligns with the seasonal shifts? East Asian medicine is all about harmonizing our inner world with [...]

Issues are in the Tissues ~ Pain Management with Jesse Mae

Pain management can be a difficult topic to approach. Often the more pain we're in, the less we want to address it, as addressing it comes in the form of action. That action sometimes involves revisiting unpleasant moments from our past. As a massage therapist, [...]

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Telemedicine:  A Juicy New Reality, by Kathy Nagel, MA, CHT

This article is intended for folks who have never done telemedicine, and may be unsure of how it works. This unusual time in our life that we have all been facing has brought many weird changes – no hugs, no dinner gatherings, no restaurants, and… [...]

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