Cognitive Loss Due to COVID Improved with HBOT

Studies conducted in recent months indicate that more than 40 percent of COVID patients experienced immediate neurologic issues, and a significant number of ‘recovered’ COVID patients suffer long term impaired cognition or even brain damage. A new study released just last month continues to [...]

Four Simple Steps to Staying Healthy

Naturopathic Advise on Staying Healthy How doing frour simple things can help keep you healthy.  Eat Clean. Exercise. Increase hydration. Sleep. 1. Eat Clean.  This means quit sugar. Yes NO sugar. Read all the labels (added sugars include brown sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, [...]

HBOT & IV Therapy – Four weeks to change your life

Nutritional IV Therapy and HBOT 4-Week Program Dr. Joshua Phillips offers a new program that provides a comprehensive restorative and regenerative opportunity for patients seeking to maximize health while lightening the load of existing conditions. This 4-week treatment has the potential to improve energy, [...]

Orientation Starts April 8th – Spring Detox with Ayurveda 

Jessica Graham Robinson, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner Purging the accumulation on the inside is even more important than clearing out the clutter in your home. Spring cleaning for body + mind is necessary for optimal health and empowered aging. (Yes! You can choose how you [...]

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Hormone Reset Detox Virtual Classes – October 8th

Call Now to 541-330-0334 to Sign Up! This is a 3 week cleanse, there will be 4 virtual Zoom sessions starting Thursday Oct 8th at 5:30 pm. The cost is $149. Special discount for those that have done a detox class with Dr. Raymond [...]

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