Hawthorn Healing Arts welcomes Amy Kowalski LMT, Cht

Amy Kowalski, LMT, Cht will be offering a wide range of massage therapy and bodywork services through Hawthorn Healing Arts Center beginning in October. Amy is a licensed massage therapist and certified hypnotherapist focused on restoring health through deep intentional healing. Dr. Joshua Phillips, [...]

Join us for Acoustic Acupuncture: October 17th

Back by popular demand, Hawthorn Healing Arts acupuncturist David Watts LAc and sound and vibrational healing artist Kevin Kraft team up to offer this event. Community Acupuncture and Healing Sound Bath Monday, Oct. 17th -- 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. [...]

Holistic Help for Painful Joints

For patients who complain of constant or recurring low back, neck, shoulder, knee and other joint pain, alternative remedies including massage and acupuncture - used in combination with supplements, diet changes, exercises and salt baths – can offer significant and lasting relief.

Get a whiff of this: Aromatherapy for better health

Aromatherapy is a practice used in complementary medicine that focuses on essential oils. It is an ancient science based on blending naturally extracted oils from plants which is utilized in a variety of ways to balance, harmonize, and promote health and well-being. It has [...]

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