Getting a handle on an unusual cold & flu season

When dealing with seasonal viruses the body’s immune reaction can be tuned in advance to mitigate the severity and duration of the illness. With a little head’s up it is possible to fortify the body naturally before it happens and then shorten the virus's duration and decrease symptoms once it takes hold.

How to Stave off Colds, Flu & Infections

When you first feel yourself becoming sick, there are things you can do to avoid becoming ill or to shorten the duration of the illness.  These suggestions are especially helpful if you do them early on - as early as possible.  They will help you fend off flu, colds, or minor infections. 

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Get to Know Your Lovable Liver

The human liver is an amazing organ – able to fully regenerate itself even when as much as 75 percent of the organ has been removed. It’s a particularly important organ, responsible for detoxification and energy production. As resilient as the liver is, it [...]

Holistic Help for Painful Joints

For patients who complain of constant or recurring low back, neck, shoulder, knee and other joint pain, alternative remedies including massage and acupuncture - used in combination with supplements, diet changes, exercises and salt baths – can offer significant and lasting relief.

Allergies, Eczema & Asthma: The Naturopathic Approach for Children

Allergies, Eczema, and Asthma:  Supporting Children with Naturopathic Medicine By Joshua Phillip, ND As a parent of two kids and a naturopathic physician, I am passionate about offering a compassionate and holistic healthcare option for kids and their families.  The Naturopathic approach for children [...]

Fenugreek goes above and beyond expectations

When you say ‘fenugreek’ to an herbal enthusiast the immediate thought might well be that it’s the go-to herb for lactating mothers. In fact, a long list of research, clinical studies and time honored medicinal uses for fenugreek reveals that there is a lot [...]

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