As Hawthorn Healing Arts enters the 11th year as a collaborative group practice of alternative healthcare providers and services, we are delighted to be recognized as an integral part of holistic healthcare to the Central Oregon community. Our group of providers continues to expand offering Naturopathic medicine for children, adults, and families as well as holistic counseling, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. We also offer massage therapy and bodywork, Ayurvedic medicine, along with some specialized regenerative treatments like IV nutrition and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Looking forward, we are eager to stay even more connected with the community and its needs and we will continue to expand our offering of services, classes and workshops.

Hawthorn Healing Arts History

Hawthorn Healing Arts Center was founded over ten years ago, by holistic providers Joshua Phillips, ND and Chelsea Phillips, LAc. It is located in the heart of Bend at a historic and beautiful locale, just a few blocks from the Deschutes River. Over the years the business has taken on a life and energy of its own, becoming a hub of health and wellness for the community.

The vision of Hawthorn was born from the understanding that health, vitality and recovering from illness is a multi-faceted and sometimes complex process. After years of practicing in smaller offices, Chelsea and Dr Phillips saw that often patients were compelled to go from doctor to doctor having different professionals pay attention to different facets of their health/illness story. Under this system patients and doctors alike were not able to comprehensively address the whole body. It became clear that by offering a greater collaboration and synergy between healthcare providers would be a more effective environment for healthcare and a better model for treating patients.

It also became clear in those early years of naturopathic practice, that even with the best diagnosis and treatment plans, in many cases the real nature of an individual’s illness was related to how they were living their lives. Until a patient begins to make lifestyle changes that are consistent with a healthy body and vibrant life, not much will change for that patient.

Hence, the vision of a holistic health center was born. This new healthcare model offers patients not only the opportunity to work with a collaborative group of likeminded healthcare providers but also gives them a chance to participate in classes and workshops that are geared toward inspiration and selfcare.

“We understand that wellbeing and vitality of the body is deeply connected to the mind and spirit. In our unique practice, we are able to address mental and emotional concerns along with physical and physiologic issues as part of the healing process,” explains Dr. Phillips. “The mission of Hawthorn Healing Arts Center is to offer access to providers, classes and workshops, that expand the possibilities for a truly holistic approach to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.”