Testosterone is not just for men

By Rob Neilson, ND, LAc Testosterone, man’s sacred hormone, what gives us pep in our step, a roar to our yell, and well, motivation in the bedroom.  Testosterone is not just for men, women also absolutely need testosterone for bones, muscles, energy, and so [...]

The health benefits of tai chi highlighted in new study

A new study shows that tai chi is equally effective as more conventional exercise routines at reducing waist circumference in middle-aged and older adults with central obesity (abdominal fat). The study was done by investigators at the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University [...]

Prolotherapy- An Introduction

Chronic pain and Prolotherapy ~ Chronic pain stinks.  It is down right is difficult to treat, causes high levels of stress, and negatively impacts many aspects of life.  I’ve been through chronic pain, and I have seen so many others who have been [...]

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