Allergies, Eczema & Asthma: The Naturopathic Approach for Children

Allergies, Eczema, and Asthma:  Supporting Children with Naturopathic Medicine By Joshua Phillip, ND As a parent of two kids and a naturopathic physician, I am passionate about offering a compassionate and holistic healthcare option for kids and their families.  The Naturopathic approach for children [...]

Free Annual Exams for Insured Patients

It’s that time of year when patients carrying health insurance have hit their “out-of-pocket” (OOP) maximum. At this time of year it’s possible to enjoy medical visits free of charge (co-pays waived). For most insurance plans this opportunity typically expires and resets on December 31st.

Heart Health: The Noble Hawthorn

Natural medicine has long supported the notion that maintaining a high fruit and veggie intake is critical for a healthy heart. For anyone interested in learning about and protecting heart health, there is one herbal supplement that also offers unique heart-fortifying and nourishing components, [...]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for TBI/Concussion

According to the CDC, 138 people are affected by a TBI (traumatic brain injury) --aka “concussion”-- every day.  In 2010, over 2 million TBI related hospitalizations were recorded in the US alone. These injuries can cause serious acute symptoms, as well as debilitating symptoms [...]

Strengthen Your Immune Response by Addressing Stress

MIND BODY MEDICINE, by Joshua Phillips, ND   One of the finest and most pointed examples of the connection between our mind and how it affects the body (and vice versa) is the effect that chronic stress has on our immune systems. [...]

From Funny Running to Junior Olympics by Shawn Axten, PT, CST-D

Twelve-year-old Rochelle had begun 7th grade track, and was complaining of significant pain under both her kneecaps, while running and when resting.  Her mother was also concerned about her “crooked” running pattern and felt she may cause worse injury to her knees because of excessive [...]

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