Transformational Breathwork Classes with Shanti happen every 2nd Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m.
There are 13 spots available for each class – $40 per class – Registration is Required 

Bring yoga mat, comfortable clothes, water bottle, and eye mask if needed.
Sign up by calling the front desk at 541-330-0334, email or use our online request form.

About Transformation Breathwork

Transformational breathwork blends holotropic breathing, TRE (tension/trauma release exercises), and meditation. This is a class that is designed to create a more vagal tone, downregulate the nervous system, release stress and trauma from your tissue, and find a new/spacious inner balance.  Some benefits from this practice are, a reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, and releasing trauma. Students will leave class feeling more grounded in his/her body, with a deeper sense of relaxation, calm, peace, as well as an expanded state of consciousness, and more self-awareness.

The first 15 minutes of class will focus on learning what TRE is, why it’s important and how to do it. Then we will practice a 30 minute holotropic breathing exercise, after the breathwork we will move into practicing TRE and we will finish with a meditation and questions.

About Shanti

Shanti is a counselor, intuitive energy healer, and TRE and breathwork teacher. She has had a private practice in Bend for 15 years and has been teaching this type of breathwork class for over 6 years. Learn more about Shanti …

There are 13 spots available – $40 – Registration is Required
Sign up by calling 541-330-0334, email or use our online request form.