Tuesdays 9 – 10 am

Taiji is a Daoist internal martial arts practice that teaches self-preservation, internal strength, and it nourishes life at a fundamental level.

This FREE Class is offered by Dr. Rob Neilson. All levels welcome, or feel free to just watch and check it out.  Class meets on the grass at Troy Field (next to Hawthorn Healing Arts Center).

The practice is a martial art, but does not focus on fighting, instead it teaches control over our body, breath, and mind. Taiji has many physical benefits including improving balance, agility, focus, and coordination. It is truly a life long path to holistic wellness.

Taiji classes at Hawthorn are in the Yang style of Taiji. The movements practiced are from the long form of the Yang style, and with time, the entire long form is covered. The movements practiced are appropriate for people of all ages, and stages of physical fitness.

Standing postures are also emphasized, and the standing postures are to develop the basic training of the Jiben Gong. The Jiben Gong training is an essential aspect of Taiji, and allows the student to perform the movements of the Yang form correctly. The Jiben Gong fosters qi generation and qi movement, and is what brings great health to the dedicated students who perform these standing exercises.