Our Counselors & Therapists

Kathy Nagel, MA, CHT
Kathy Nagel, MA, CHTWellness Coach, Intuitive Counselor, Medical Intuitive, Hypnotherapist
Shanti O’Connor, MS, NCC
Shanti O’Connor, MS, NCCHolistic therapist for the mind, body, and soul.

Medical Counseling and Spiritual Direction

Hawthorn Healing Arts Center offers Counseling in a variety of formats.

Trauma Therapy

Client centered counseling to help people access frozen memories and constricted movement patterns. In the safety of careful attunement to the client’s gestures, the client can unlock and integrate previously held moments of overwhelm, anxiety and fear. Meaning and vitality often occurs as the client experiences a restored sense of belonging .

Individual Counseling

Often individuals are doing the best they can in the moment, however, sometimes our best is no longer working for us. Through the process of psychotherapy, you can uncover what would be helpful to leave behind and what you would like to carry forward on your personal journey. Through individual counseling you have the opportunity to uncover your sacred path to healing.

Couple and Family Counseling

As humans, we do not live in isolation. We are in countless relationships and they all take work. In couples and family counseling, you can take your closest relationships to a deeper level, work through unhelpful relational patterns and confront difficulties within your family system.

Ceremony/Group Work

Available for group, ceremony for your class, business, or peer group.

Hypnotherapy (Kathy Nagel)

Hypnosis is a true mind, body, spirit healing modality, combining talk therapy with the understanding that spirit and body must always be included in the discussion. The treatments are effective for:

  • emotional healing
  • weight loss
  • stress reduction
  • pain reduction
  • finding one’s hidden potential and purpose

Many offerings are available in the quest to reach the heart of the matter.

Hypnotherapy is a healing technique that incorporates guided relaxation and focused attention aimed at reaching a higher or more expanded state of awareness. In this naturally occurring state, and under the guidance of the therapist, the client may choose to focus his or her attention on habits that they want to change or life experiences that have long been buried that need to be explored for deeper healing. This focused state of mind is also used to explore past lives, usually with the intention of understanding current life challenges.

Ultimately hypnosis makes it possible for clients to make positive life changes. It can help people improve natural or latent abilities, develop a stronger sense of self-confidence. Hypnosis can also bring to light hidden psychological barriers that can be explored for personal growth and a greater sense of freedom and creativity.

Medical Intuition

Picking up on what our bodies readily telegraph, medical intuition is an effective tool in finding the underlying cause of difficult-to-diagnose conditions. Suggestions may be made for lifestyle changes, specific treatments, tests, or practitioner referrals. Because there is no separation between mind, body and spirit, life readings may be included with a medical intuition session.

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