Friday, April 13th, 2018, at 7pm.  $7 at the door

An evening of live music, visual art and spoken words, featuring local
performers and headlining band, The Little Noise Makers!

Come celebrate the vital role that art, music, and creative expression plays in our health and well-being.  We will offering a showcase of artistic performances in addition to  The Little Noise Makers and will provide snacks and drinks.

“Multiple fields of research and piles of studies now prove to us what may have
already been obvious: That tapping into the deeper wells of who we are, and
pushing our edges through creative expression is not only good for mental health,
but also helps to create a physiologic landscape in our bodies that is consistent
with physical health and vitality”, shares Hawthorn Center director, Dr. Josh

The vision of The Hawthorn Café is to bring artistic expression and performance alongside holistic healthcare,  
together under the same roof. Spoken words, story-telling, visual art and musical performance will be shared to highlight the connection between the creativity we weave into our lives and its impact on our well-being. 


If you would like to flex your creative expression!, and be part of a future Hawthorn Cafe’ event, please be in touch with drphillips@hawthorn 

We plan to hold these events monthly throughout the year.