Health support for long haul chronic illness

Nearly one in five adults who have had COVID-19 continue to suffer with “Long COVID” according to ongoing studies. More than 40 percent of all COVID patients experienced immediate neurologic issues, and a significant number of ‘recovered’ COVID patients complain of long term impaired cognition and other health issues. Additional studies show that this is a problem for many survivors who suffer pervasive yet subtle cognitive, behavioral, and psychological problems.

Naturopathy and COVID Recovery

As naturopathic medical providers we are able to offer an array of post-COVID recovery treatment options for our patients – treatments aimed at supporting the body’s natural healing and recovery processes. This can include vitamin infusions, focused lab work to discover treatable underlying issues, nutritional support, acupuncture and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

HBOT Relieves COVID Symptoms

HBOT has proven to be an extremely valuable therapy in the recovery and healing of brain injuries by reducing hypoxia and neuroinflammation, while increasing circulation in the brain – symptoms highlighted in this recent study as well as many other studies of COVID patients who have difficulty in returning to a normal state of well-being. HBOT is unique in its ability to increase oxygen levels in the body 5-7 times what is normally available, breathing at normal atmospheric pressure.

Healing therapy for the whole body

HBOT helps increase oxygen absorption by increasing the atmospheric pressure from inside the chamber. The pressure inside the chamber is normally two to three times greater than outside air pressure, which means patients are inhaling 100% oxygen. The Hawthorn HBOT chamber increases pressure to 1.3 ATA which is the equivalent of the pressure felt when diving approximately 10 feet under water.

Normally, oxygen is transported throughout the body as it is absorbed by the lungs and then circulated to all the tissues and organs via the heart and blood vessels. Hyperbaric chambers work by delivering oxygen in a way that can be enhanced and controlled. The oxygen chamber makes it possible for oxygen to be dissolved in the blood, body fluids, cerebral spinal fluid (the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal column), bone tissue, and lymph nodes.

The body needs oxygen to heal itself. Many injuries and illnesses result in situations that deprive the body of oxygen-rich blood, putting the affected areas of the body at risk. When oxygen-rich fluids are present in the body, oxygen is able to travel to areas where blood circulation may be blocked due to disease, trauma or accident. It is believed that the body is helped to heal as HBOT provides high levels of oxygen to cells that really need it — such as the brain and nervous system. Additional ways HBOT supports healing includes;

  • Enabling immune cells to kill bacteria
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Allowing for collateral circulation (growth of new blood vessels to provide extra oxygen to affected areas of the body)

HBOT allows oxygen to infuse with many types of liquids in the body including blood, plasma, and cerebral fluids. Healing begins when damaged tissue receives much-needed oxygen and circulation returns to the area.

The Evidence of HBOT’s Benefits

Prior to the COVID pandemic, more than 10,000 clinical trials and case studies were conducted to test many health-related applications of hyperbaric treatment including many of the health issues experienced by recovered COVID patients. Most of these trials results reported overwhelming success. At Hawthorn Healing Arts Center we are successfully treating long-haul patients—those who no longer test positive for COVID-19 but complain of debilitating symptoms, with very good results. These patients are showing excellent recovery rates, and most have been able to resume more normal daily functions.

HBOT Treatment Available at Hawthorn

To find out more about HBOT at Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, or to find out if this therapy is right for you, call 541-330-0334 or visit Hawthorn’s HBOT Services for more information and links to supportive studies and research

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