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Superfood Healthy Happy Hour – Nov. 10th – FREE EVENT

November 10th 6-7 p.m. This is a free event and no reservation required. Join Miriam Ramsey, Willow Lindberg & Andrew Scott as they share how to Thrive Thru the Holidays and Beyond. Here’s an opportunity to taste delicious, whole-life transforming Superfoods that have helped upgrade so many lives. There will be giveaways of Organic Superfoods!

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Biofield Tuning Energy Balancing Session – Nov. 30th

Discover Biofield Tuning by joining Tami Zenoble for a one-hour group session. Biofield Tuning is an energy balancing method for self-healing and wellness that uses sound waves produced by specialized tuning forks to rebalance the energy centers and transmute unwanted information stored in the body’s magnetic field caused by suppressed emotions.

Hawthorn Healing Arts Welcomes Dr. Nicole Gansemer, ND

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Nicole Gansemer, ND to our multidisciplinary group of healthcare providers. Dr. Gansemer will be scheduling patient appointments later in November.

Getting a handle on an unusual cold & flu season

When dealing with seasonal viruses the body’s immune reaction can be tuned in advance to mitigate the severity and duration of the illness. With a little head’s up it is possible to fortify the body naturally before it happens and then shorten the virus's duration and decrease symptoms once it takes hold.

Hawthorn Healing Arts Welcomes Elizabeth Mixon, LMT

Ortho-Bionomy offers a different way to approach and view the body. The key to the changes come from deep listening skills that help your body find its way to alignment, balance, and congruence.

Marisa Malzone MS, CNS-c joins Hawthorn Healing Arts

Hawthorn Healing Arts Center is happy to announce the addition of Marisa Malzone, MS, CNS-c to their staff of healthcare providers. Marisa is a functional nutritionist who is passionate about helping people find their innate capacity for optimal health. With a master’s degree in [...]

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