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Rob Neilson, ND, LAc
Rob Neilson, ND, LAcNaturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist

Prolotherapy for Chronic Pain

Prolotherapy is an effective, natural, and non-surgical approach to treat chronic pain of all types.  

Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection therapy used to treat muscular-skeletal injuries and pain. A regenerative therapy is any treatment that triggers the body to repair it’s own damaged tissues.  The treatment is effective at treating pain in nearly any area of the body. From headaches, backache, joint pains, and pain in other areas of the body, prolotherapy injections will effectively treat these pains, and can permanently address the underlying problem causing the pain

Chronic pain is most often a result from damaged or weakened ligaments and tendons, causing muscle strain, and joint instability. Prolotherapy treats pain by first identifying the weakened ligaments and tendons, and then delivering specific injections into the problematic tissues. The prolotherapy injections trigger the immune system to create a local inflammatory response at the damaged sites. This inflammatory response triggers the body to rebuild the weak ligaments and tendons. By strengthening the ligaments and tendons, the surrounding joints become stable, the tense muscles relax, and the pain resolves, for good.

For chronic pain relief, patients receive injections two to four weeks apart, and the majority of chronic pain conditions are completely treated with 5 treatments or less.

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