Nutrition Counseling

By Marisa Malzone, MS, CNS-c

As a member of our Hawthorn community, you probably have a decent grasp on why detoxes are beneficial. I’m sure you’ve heard that they offer results like weight loss, clearer skin, better digestion, improved mood, more energy, etc. But what if you eat organic, exercise, drink filtered water, use clean products, in other words, do all the things? Do you still need to detox?

YES. And here’s why:

Both obesity and the sale/production of industrial chemicals has risen exponentially in recent years, which is no coincidence. In fact, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are also referred to as “obesogens” because they are linked to, you guessed it, obesity. We will dive deeper into this concept in the upcoming Mind-Body Detox, but for now, keep in mind that these compounds live in dust, water, food, packaging, storage containers, personal care products, makeup, furniture, electronics, cleaning products, pesticides, medications, and air pollution. In other words, we are bombarded with these chemicals, and they mess with everything from thyroid function to our gut bacteria.

If you’ve ever wondered why your symptoms aren’t improving despite “doing all the things,” you are definitely not alone.

Join our upcoming Mind-Body Detox if you want to improve your metabolism and nourish your body’s innate ability to detoxify. We do this through food, some supplements, stress management, mindset practices, and community.

Our bodies are capable of amazing things when we give ourselves the support we need. Sign up now, and let’s do this together!

Added Bonus:

Along with all of the group materials, you will also have the opportunity to schedule a 20 min consult before or during the program, where you’ll receive some personalized recommendations based on your individual needs and goals.

Early Bird Discount! Save $50 if you sign up before 12/15. Find out more here, and feel free to reach out to Marisa directly with any questions/concerns by calling 541-330-0334.