We are very excited to welcome Dr. Sonja Halsey to Hawthorn Healing Arts Center. Dr Halsey offers a fusion of cutting-edge clinical therapies combined with established naturopathic treatments. Her background and passion for providing state of the art holistic healthcare make Dr. Halsey an excellent addition to the Hawthorn team.

Sonja Halsey, ND received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2016.  She holds a B.S in Cell and Molecular Biology from Eastern Michigan University, and went on to research topics in molecular oncology at the University of Michigan Medical School. Post-graduate experience includes residency at TrueNorth Health Center, primary care medicine, and extensive training in regenerative joint therapies.

Dr. Halsey approaches patient care with a personalized whole-system strategy. Cooperating with the wisdom of the body she considers symptoms, including pain, a roadmap to re-establishing balance in health. Utilizing both progressive and established naturopathic modalities, Dr. Halsey empowers her patients to reclaim an active, pain-free, and vital life.

Regenerative Medicine is a specialized focus of Dr. Halsey’s practice with emphasis on joint care and pain management. Regenerative therapies being offered include Prolotherapy, Prolozone (ozone therapy combined with prolotherapy), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Ozone Therapies, and Neural Therapy. These multiple innovative approaches support the body’s own natural healing ability through targeted injections. Regenerative joint therapies are effective for athletes to people in chronic pain desiring to achieve their health goals.

Dr Halsey will also be seeing patients for family medicine and women’s Health.  As such she believes that restoring and maintaining health takes a whole-system approach and utilizes nutrition, lifestyle, movement, supplementation, herbs, IV therapy, ozone, and pharmaceutical medication to address everyone’s unique needs.

Dr Halsey is accepting new patients and is available for free 15-minute regenerative medicine consults.  She will also be offering acute care visits and vitamin injection happy hours every week. 

To learn more about Dr. Halsey visit her profile, and to make an appointment call 541-330-0334.

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