Peptide Therapy: What it is and how it works

Peptides can be used to enhance and modulate immune function, eradicate harmful and unwanted pathogens, repair and regenerate cells and tissues in the body, improve energy, reduce pain and inflammation, and more.

Head Injury and Healing Holistically

Holistic medical approaches to TBI also include evidence-based treatments like glutathione, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphatidyl choline and serine, just to name a few. Additionally, the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proven useful for resolution of the symptoms associated with post-concussion syndrome.

Are Your Supplements Safe and Effective?

Many of us buy supplements from Health Food Stores, without a second thought to how they will work for our individual make up, our nutritional needs, whether they are safe or not, and if they even work! How do we know which ones are [...]

Neural Therapy for Pain Relief and Symptom Management

The goal of neural therapy is to release interference fields which can form in response to injury, surgery, vaccinations, piercings, inflammation, infections, diseased organs, dental work, stress, and psychological trauma.

HBOT plus IV Therapy – Four week intensive to wellness

Dr. Joshua Phillips offers a comprehensive restorative and regenerative 4-week treatment program that provides the most comprehensive restorative and regenerative possibilities for patients seeking to maximize health while supporting the resolution of other existing health concerns.

Dr. Joshua Phillips on The Wisdom of Fever

One of the most common experiences with seasonal viral infections, especially for kids, is for the body to develop a fever. Body and muscle aches, headaches, chills and general discomfort almost always accompany this rise in body temperature, so naturally we want to do whatever we can to alleviate this suffering — particularly when we see our kids struggling.

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