Cognitive Loss Due to COVID Improved with HBOT

Studies conducted in recent months indicate that more than 40 percent of COVID patients experienced immediate neurologic issues, and a significant number of ‘recovered’ COVID patients suffer long term impaired cognition or even brain damage. A new study released just last month continues to [...]

The benefits of acupuncture for menopausal women

Women who find themselves facing the difficult and uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause may discover that acupuncture has quite a lot to offer. Our Chinese medicine practitioners advocate acupuncture for menopausal patients, touting its ability to function as a natural treatment for the discomforts [...]

Seasonal Health Benefits Associated with Astragalus

Self-care enthusiasts can be confident when using astragalus to improve the immune system during cold and flu season, and to support symptoms of chronic fatigue and seasonal allergies. Although the use of astragalus can be very helpful and is considered generally harmless in most cases, it is always advisable to talk with your healthcare provider when adding any complementary supplement to your routine.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Tips from our Naturopathic Physicians

Hawthorn Healing Arts naturopathic physicians believe that it is possible that breast cancer may be prevented before the disease has an opportunity to take hold. With routine naturopathic consultations women are supported beyond diagnosis and treatment and onto a path of holistic wellness. [...]

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