Reiki: Enhancing Well-Being with Energy Healing

Reiki is a technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation, thereby promoting healing and health. Reiki healing is a technique for transmitting life force energy through the hands of a practitioner into the receiver’s energy system.

Yoga improves cardiovascular health and wellbeing

A three-month pilot study of patients with hypertension demonstrates that adding yoga to a regular exercise training regimen supports cardiovascular health and wellbeing and is more effective than stretching exercises. Incorporation of yoga reduced systolic blood pressure and resting heart rate and improved 10-year cardiovascular risk.

The Returning – a course of acupuncture and journeying

Tuesday evenings beginning on 1/17/23 until 2/21/23 from 6-7:30. Each week you will receive an acupuncture session to initiate your mythic journey into of these prenatal meridians. We will explore our internal architecture and psychological aspects of these archetypal channels. These meridians are very supportive for those working with psychedelic medicines or working on a deep inner process.

Hawthorn Healing Arts Welcomes Elizabeth Mixon, LMT

Ortho-Bionomy offers a different way to approach and view the body. The key to the changes come from deep listening skills that help your body find its way to alignment, balance, and congruence.

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