On Being A Patient

On Being A Patient

Or maybe I should say, “On Being Patient”, as being on the other side of the medical model has taught me some valuable lessons.

As some of you may have heard, I am delving full on into the field of being a patient and getting a Total Knee Replacement. I soon learned that almost everyone I knew has had one, or knows someone who has. And young people too… (yes I know age is relative), people younger than I!

We all know how challenging navigating the current medical model is and I’ve seen it from the physican/administration side, but now I’m getting an up close look from the other side – being a patient. Dealing with Insurance deductibles, out of pocket, in network, out of network, what’s covered, what’s not, how many visits allowed; it’s a full time job getting everything taken care of.

Then there’s all the different specialists and components to take keep straight. The Surgeon, Physicians Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Assistant, Physical Therapist, Vein Specialist, EKG Tech, Lab Phlebotomist, Hematologist, Surgery Center, Pharmacist, Front Desk Staff. And that was just yesterday! I listed front desk last, but really they are the most important of all. Often the first face you meet when walking in the door, they are your first impression, and go a long way in developing the tone for the rest of the visit. I have really come to appreciate the family we have at Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, and hope that you all appreciate us too.

So you are probably wondering how my surgery is going to affect your care (if you see me as a patient) going forward in the next month or so. Surgery is scheduled for August 24th,  but I will be available via phone and email.

Some logistical guidelines:

Refills – will be handled as always. Call your pharmacy and ask for a refill. If there are none, they will send our office a refill request. It will be handled by us from there. Allow plenty of time so that you don’t run out, especially for compouned medications.
Labs – depending on which lab is being used, we can arrange a draw at St. Charles, Mountain Medical for Boston Heart, or at Hawthorn for Spectracell. Other labs may just require picking up a test kit. Call our office and we will help figure this out for you.
Need to see a Doctor – depends on the visit type. Annual exams and hormones, try to schedule before Aug 24th or after Sept 25th. Acute problems can schedule with Dr. Josh Phillips, Medical Director here at Hawthorn. If you need a referral to a specialist, please call our office and we will help you. As always, if you are experiencing a problem out of office hours, call 911 or go to your nearest urgent care or emergency room.

I’m excited for my new bionic knee, and look forward to seeing you on the flip side.

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